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Thermal Products

Engine Mounted Engine Oil Cooler

Our JV facility Victor Reinz India manufactures this Long® engine-mounted engine oil cooler which improves engine performance and durability by providing superior cooling properties to effectively reduce thermal load. This oil cooler is commonly used on high-speed diesel, gasoline, or flex fuel engines for passenger vehicles and light trucks needing engine oil cooling capacity. The design also works well for newer, more efficient engines requiring engine-mounted oil coolers.

Filter Mounted Engine Oil Cooler

Our JV Facility Victor Reinz India manufactures this Long® filter-mounted engine oil cooler, which reduce thermal load to increase durability and which improves and extends engine life and performance. 

Mounted with a hollow bolt between the engine block and the oil filter, this oil cooler is designed to provide additional engine cooling when design restricts room for a heat exchanger.

Transmission Oil Coolers

Thermal management is a critical area of engine design. To enhance vehicle efficiency, a certain percentage of fuel has to be consumed to overcome friction in powertrain components, such as the transmission, engine, and axle. Maintaining proper oil temperature in the powertrain increases both efficiency and overall fuel economy.

Our JV facility Victor Reinz India manufactures this Long® stacked plate coolers which offer high durability and can stand alone or be integrated with other components as required. The plate-and-fin design, which employs fins between oil channels, provides high heat transfer performance and low air-side pressure drop. Both coolers are installed on vehicle fronts for auxiliary cooling of passenger cars and light trucks. 

Fuel Coolers

Recent reductions in emissions from High Speed diesel engines have created a new need to cool the diesel fuel.  The extremely high injection pressure provide many benefits, but one side effect is a large increase in the fuel temperature when the fuel is depressurized and sent back to the tank via the return line.  This can create extremely hot return fuel that exceeds the limitations of the fuel tank (often plastic) and the fuel injection equipment.
Our JV Victor Reinz India offers a variety of fuel cooling designs to meet all market needs. 

Power Steering Oil Coolers

Some power steering systems reach temperatures that have the potential to significantly reduce the life of the system. The power steering system creates pressure, in turn creating heat. The rise in the temperature of the system can create loss of steering assist as well as leakage. This primarily occurs when the temperature of the fluid exceeds the specification of hoses and of the seals in the pump. Our JV facility Victor Reinz India provides these power steering oil coolers in four distinct categories: Tube and Fin Cooler, Enhanced Tube Cooler, Combo-Cooler™ System, and Plate Cooler. As the end consumers demand longer warranty periods, power steering oil coolers are one of the components used to ensure a robust system and achieve longer vehicle life.

Heat Shields

Our JV Victor Reinz India offers premium and acoustical protection for any installation location. Multiple functions can be combined to further boost efficiencies and reduce emissions in the most demanding conditions. Victor Reinz® aluminum heat shields are constructed with wave embossments that enhance rigidity and durability. Special, quiet isolators, which reduce the transmission of heat and vibrations at the mounting points, allowing the strong, aluminum shields to be used directly on hot components. With a sleek look, these low-mass aluminum heat shield even absorb wrinkles and creases.

Combination Heat Shields with Integrated Gaskets

Our JV Facility Victor Reinz India also offers solutions which integrate shielding and sealing in one component. Victor Reinz  engineers can combine exhaust gaskets with heat shields to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We provide customized solutions that incorporate the necessary features required of shielding systems that seamlessly integrate into existing designs. We also offer the industry’s most advanced exhaust gasket coating, ThermoGlide®1000, which improves sealability and allows the exhaust components to glide across the gasket, reducing cool-down noise and improving durability.

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