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Sealing Products

Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) Cylinder Head Gaskets

Innovative product design and high quality materials allows our JV with Reinz Dichtungs GmbH to provide Victor Reinz® cylinder-head gaskets to meet specific engine requirements. Increasing torque and performance with decreasing consumption and emissions. The development goals in engine construction determine the requirements of modern gasket systems. With a broad product palette, VICTOR REINZ India Pvt. Ltd. supplies cylinder head gaskets for all conventional passenger car and commercial vehicle engines.

Secondary Gaskets

Our JV with Reinz Dichtungs GmbH can manage all of your sealing needs. Leading engine developers appreciate the reliability and performance of our products, including cylinder- head and cylinder-head cover gaskets, front cover gaskets, intake and exhaust gaskets, and oil pan gaskets. Depending on the application, we can customize a material and design to your specific requirements, including multi-layer steel, soft materials, rubber, and high-temperature gaskets.

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Victor Reinz India Sealing Products

KACO Sealing Products

KACO Water Pump Seals

KACO water pump lip seals and mechanical seals in the AXIA® series are made of outstanding, high-performance materials and provide the ideal solution to modern cooling systems. Furthermore, KACO is the only manufacturer anywhere to use seals that have a SiC/SiC material combination. This means maximum strength, a longer service life and minimum friction. The SiC/SiC seals are manufactured in highly automated production facilities. This enables premium quality in large quantities.

KACO Radia Oil Seals

KACO precision sealing systems are developed and tailored specifically to the customer's needs and the requirements of the particular installed location and application. The RADIA radial shaft seals and systems are highly sought-after in automotive engineering, engine and gearbox construction, as well as in general mechanical and apparatus engineering. As a technology driver, KACO has developed elements for sealing dynamic sealing point. The company plays an important part in reducing fuel consumption and increasing sustainability with innovative designs such as the reduced-friction FRed® engine seals.

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MLS Gaskets
Secondary Gaskets
Water Pump Seals
Oil Seals

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