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Intake Manifold w/ Swirl Actuator Assembly

All over the world the demand for engines that are powerful and favourable in terms of consumption has increased. Simultaneously, the legal norms for emissions and fuel efficiency are also getting stricter for instance in the form of NOx and CO2 limitations.


Our JV facility Uniparts Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers this highly engineered product - An Aluminum Intake Manifold Assembly with Swirl Flaps which are controlled by an Electronic SMART Actuator. Swirl flap position is adjusted by an electrical servo mechanism which is under the control of the engine management system. In a typical implementation the flaps will be closed at idle speed, creating additional turbulence in the intake. As engine speed increases, the flaps are gradually opened until, at around 2,000 rpm, they are parallel to the airflow and present virtually no resistance. Their purpose is to ensure that the air entering the cylinder is sufficiently turbulent for good fuel-air mixing even at low engine speeds. This aids in reducing certain toxic emissions and may also improve low-end power and torque.

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